this is how the bonus episodes are shot

The Walking Dead is back in production to complete the bonus episodes of the tenth season, but this time around the cast and crew have to deal with a pandemic that has little to do with zombies, but which unfortunately is much more real.

Showrunner Angel Kang talked about security measures of the highest level to avoid the spread of a contagion. This results in the use of real ones team of epidemiologists and infectious disease experts active on the set, as well as a reworking of the screenplays that took into account the obligation of social distancing.

Basically it took months to start the production process and for AMC to set everything up in the safest way. When everyone went back to the set to shoot they found a completely different situation. “

Professionals have to undergo three Covid tests per week and the workplace has been made as safe as possible: “Everyone has masks and face shields, the dressing rooms were assembled differently and there are disinfectants everywhere. There are UV lights and air purifiers on the sets. We also have an infectious disease specialist who has served in the military and is the supervisor of our health. There are a lot of security measures, in every sense. “

If there is one thing that The Walking Dead has taught us over the years is that one is never too cautious when facing a pandemic threat. We remind you that the bonus episodes, which will anticipate the arrival of the eleventh season, will focus on Norman Reedus’ Daryl, on the return of Maggie and will treat monographically several other characters.

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