This is how Aitana Derbez learned that Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo are also her brothers

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Alessandra Rosaldo revealed that thanks to the trip to Morocco she could see for the first time Aitana's connection with her brothers

This is how Aitana Derbez learned that Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo are also her brothers

Alessandra Rosaldo and Eugenio Derbez

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Thanks to the adventure he undertook Eugenio Derbez with his family, each of the members managed to discover during the trip something he did not know, such is the case of Aitana, youngest daughter of the comedian and Alessandra Rosaldo.

During an interview with Alan Tacher for the program ‘Awake America’, the vocalist of Opposite Senses revealed that it was thanks to the reality ‘On a trip with the Derbez’, that her daughter managed to understand the relationship between her, Aislinn, Vadhir and Jose Eduardo.

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The GREAT day is coming and I can't get on my nerves and emotion! This family trip certainly tested us all and shook us as a family. There were laughter, tears, anger, new alliances, breakups, surprises, scares, endearing moments, lots of learning and behind all, lots of love. For me, the most valuable part of this trip was to see Aitana create deep ties with her three brothers and with Kai. I know that these ties will unite you all your life and as a mother, it gives me immense peace to know that you are surrounded by love, that you have your brothers and that you will grow close to your niece whom you love so much. Thank God, thank you life, thank you thank you thank you. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✨✨✨🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #DeViajeConLosDerbez #juntosysinfiltro #familyfirst @deviajeconlosderbez_us @deviajeconlosderbez

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"Seeing Aitana's connection with her brothers and as for the first time on this trip, Aitana understood how the scheme is and understood that they are all children of her father, she understood that they are all brothers".

Eugene He shared the experience with his little daughter: “I did not understand how one day he is in a house alone and another day I say, ‘This man is your brother’".

Further, Alessandra He recalled that during the trip to Morocco, Aitana learned to communicate with Aislinn, Vadhir and Jose Eduardo like his brothers: “For the first time Aitana, suddenly, began to say to Eugenio: ‘Dad, your son speaks to you’. So it was for me, he understood! And then he said:: I want to go with my sister Ais, I want to go with my brothers ’, for the first time she understood how everything is".

Aislin He said that, for now, what he least understands is the relationship he has with his niece, Kailani, who only knows what her cousin is.

‘Traveling with the Derbez’ is a series transmitted through the platform Amazon Prime Video, premiered since last October 18, and in it, you can see Eugenio Derbez living unforgettable moments accompanied by his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, their children Vadhir, Jose Eduardo, Aitana, as well as Aislinn together with her husband Mauricio Ochmann And your daughter Kailani.

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