They went crazy! The viral celebration of the children of Messi that sweeps the world

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For the sixth time, Lionel messi He was awarded the Golden Ball as the best footballer in the world, prize awarded by the magazine France Football, and at the gala the one who stole a camera was his family.

The star of Barcelona arrived accompanied by his wife Antonela and of two of his children, Thiago and Mateo and at the ceremony, the two little ones attracted attention when it was announced that their dad was the winner, since they merged into a hug in which the most effusive was Mateo, who even stood up from the seat to jump on his brother and bit his ear while his mother tried to control them.

But Mateo's pranks did not stop there, then he was very happy making jokes with one of his cousins, at the time his father was recognized by the world.

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To top off, the Messi family sent an emotional message to Lionel. Antonela spoke some beautiful words to him like Thiago, while Mateo and Ciro fiddled, a moment in which the Argentine was very touched and in which he endured the tears.


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