They stole a champion horse from races in Venezuela and cut it up to eat it

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Ocean Bay was kidnapped from Haras where he was cared for
Ocean Bay was kidnapped from Haras where he was cared for

“These are the things that take your spirits away and the desire to continue working for a better future! They are going to kidnap a defenseless animal to eat itWhere is humanity in Venezuela, common sense and respect for others? This Venezuela is not the one I grew up in. ”

Coach Ramón García Mosquer He used his social networks to tell what happened with Ocean bay, one of the emblematic horses of the Venezuelan turf for having conquered the first two races of the Triple Crown of 2016 in an unforgettable performance. The story of his robbery was revealed on Sunday night and he later reported that the remains had been located.

The coach's publication on social networks
The coach's publication on social networks

As detailed The newspaper, the animal they found dismembered and his coach reported that he was kidnapped and then consumed. In this same medium, García Mosquer warned that circulate a video in specialized spaces on the subject where the alleged kidnappers are seen being attacked by a group of people and the remains of the horse are also displayed; Although he confessed that he has not been able to watch the filming and there are still no details of the captors. "I don't know what to think anymore, where was my beautiful Venezuela", he had wondered on social networks when he decided to announce the news of the kidnapping, before learning the details of the macabre outcome.

The animal had stopped competing last year and he played a stallion role at Haras La Alegría, a site located in the state of Carabobo. According to they assured, they also kidnapped another mare in that place and months before a similar event had occurred with Stellar Babe -the mother of Ocean Bay– in that specialized enclosure located in Güigüe, a city located two hours from the capital Caracas. These cases would not be the first to occur with this type of procedure in the country, although what happened with the animal took on greater importance due to its history within the local turf.

"We condemn such heinous bestiality. The industry of National Hipismo loses a pedigree of the first order in its expansion, in an industry that generates thousands of jobs, today also plagued by the scourge of insecurity and hunger unleashed”Wrote Eleisi Espina, president of the National Federation of Equestrian Workers (Fetrahípica).

"I have no children, but I am feeling this as if I were losing one"García Mosquer confessed in an interview with the aforementioned media where he recalled his experiences with one of the most emblematic horses of the discipline in his country after having achieved eight first places in his career.

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Ocean bay, born in 2013, had his most outstanding moment in the Venezuelan horse riding in 2016 when he wrote his name forever in the Triple Crown, the sum of three classic races: the Classic José Antonio Páez, the Classic National Breeding and the Classic Bolivarian Republic from Venezuela. The horse won two and should have given up participating in the third due to injury.

"He came with some health problems and that's why nobody thought he would win. In that competition, he was the one who paid the most dividend to the winner in the history of the first Classic of the Triple Crown José Antonio Páez. There was no horse that had such a low chance of winning and it did”Said García Mosquer, who recalled that the bone that the animal had forced him to operate and keep it at rest for eight months. "After the intervention, he was able to win up to five cups," he explained. Later, he was assigned to the haras where he was kidnapped on Sunday.

“Haras Alegría is in mourning for the physical disappearance of its champion Ocean Bay. We thank all those who have written and called in solidarity for what happened. You will always be remembered Champion! Thanks for so many satisfactions that you gave to your audience. Fly high! ”, They published from the official Haras account.

The stippling of cases of similar characteristics in that country have been recorded since 2016 when the remains of a dismembered horse that had been reported missing hours earlier were found at the Caricuao Zoo in Caracas.

The horse had had a memorable performance in 2016
The horse had had a memorable performance in 2016

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