They reveal why the Xbox Series X controller will continue to use batteries

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In a new report from Digital Foundry on the innovations and features of Xbox Series X, the Microsoft console to compete in the new generation, addressed various topics including the use of batteries for the new controls.

The report details debates that took place during the event in which the console was presented to several journalists and influencers a few weeks ago. There, technology influencer Austin Evans and John Linneman discussed the use of batteries. The first believed that it is time to turn the page and opt for rechargeable batteries, while the second alleged otherwise, putting his son, for example, who says he needs to return to the game at the moment and not wait for the remote to load.

Jason Ronald of Xbox explained that these two points of view are the reason why they remain faithful to AA batteries for their controllers. "What happens is that when we talk to the players there is some polarization and there is still a strong redoubt that the AA really wants. So giving some flexibility is the way to please both groups. You can use a rechargeable battery and it works the same as in the Elite controller, but it is something that goes separately"

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The truth is that Microsoft's solution seems to be the most effective since it is much easier and cheaper to buy new batteries or another battery than to have to replace one that is already integrated and that requires opening the remote. This happens on the console controls of Nintendo and Sony, making repairing them more difficult.


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