They discover a possible release date for GTA 6 in Max Payne 3

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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular sagas in Rockstar Games. After the success of its fifth installment, all fans of the franchise have been wondering when we would have the expected announcement of GTA 6, something that will still take time to happen. Despite this, the community does not stop searching for clues in each piece of GTA Online and in other video games of the studio, as has been the case of Max Payne 3.

According to this new theory elaborated by the players of Max Payne 3 and collected by GameRant, released in 2012, there is a poster with the dates of the band's tour Love fist. Most of these data coincide, oddly enough, with the release dates of various Rockstar titles. In addition, some of the cities that appear in each concert coincide with those in which the games take place.

A clear example of this is the concert of Liberty City on April 29, the date Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2008. Later the release of Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5, and even Red Dead Redemption 2 appears (although this data also coincides with the release of GTA: San Andreas).

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October 29 will be the day that Love Fist visits Vice city, city in which it is rumored that it could be set GTA 6. However, it is difficult to predict the year in which we would see the game, but this could confirm the city that we will see in this next installment. It is also hard to believe that Rockstar Games was clear about the date of such a distant title in 2012. In addition, the poster presents some differences that make GTA 5 the only correct prediction.

But, despite this, it is very likely that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, as this was suggested by a job offer from Rockstar Games. What is clear is that as soon as the company offers a rough window, fans will think first of October 29 of that year.

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