They denounced Dybala's brother to steal a car in Córdoba: the chat that complicates it

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While Paulo Dybala He enjoys a very good present in what was the resumption of the soccer season in Italy with Juventus – he won his three games and scored a goal in each one – it seems that his family does not have the same luck in Córdoba. This week it was confirmed that the older brother of the Jewel, Gustavo, was denounced for stealing a car in Long Lagoon, city where the soccer player was born and where his mother still lives with the rest of his relatives.

The crime would have been committed last night sunday june 21, date on which Father's Day was celebrated. And the victim was Walter Nievas who, according to his account, when leaving a bar near the bus terminal, realized that his vehicle was not in the place where he had left it parked. In the midst of despair, the man of 50 years he saw how his own car approached him from the street, with Gustavo Dybala at the wheel and two friends, who returned it.

“There was Dybala, who was the one driving, Maximilano Díaz in the passenger seat and one more behind. They were drunk and they had broken my whole car. They made fun of me like it was a joke. I was nervous, I went immediately to the police station to have the complaint taken because I did not know what they had done with my car in the state in which they were"He related Snow to Infobae.

The car, owned by Walter Nievas, which Gustavo Dybala stole with two friends
The car, owned by Walter Nievas, which Gustavo Dybala stole with two friends

Of course, at first Walter He could not file the complaint at the Rio Segundo Department Police Station because "there was a problem." "They told me that the lady who was taking the complaint was not there. The complaint was not taken at night and the next day I called a lawyer. I went with him to the police station on Monday and they took my complaint instantly"He explained.

On July 22, Snow He was able to carry out the pertinent procedure, although he acknowledges that he wished he could do it on the spot, and assured that the witnesses to the event have already been summoned to clarify what happened. As to Gustavo Dybala, Walter reported that the left-handed relative of the Vecchia Signora She contacted him by cell phone to explain what had happened and to ask him not to make the complaint.

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"Last night was a drunk thing we did with Gonzalo and Maxi. I don't think it's for you to report me. Also, I want to apologize to you. Sorry We always had the best, I don't know why you denounced meWas the message he received Snow in its WhatsApp.


“I have all the messages saved. I don't know what they did with the car. They broke my glass lifter, the starter drum and forced my steering wheel. They hurt me a lot, I didn't hurt anyone. I have nothing to hide and I am not afraid of anything. We are big enough to walk around doing such a thing. I have no confidence to do these things to me. What they did is very low. I use the car to work and they broke it"He stressed Walter to this medium.

The victim clarifies that when living in a “small town”, everyone knows each other, so it is common to leave the cars open or even with the keys on. "Here nobody touches the other. It is the first time that I am involved in one of these things. I don't do it for the press or for money, I just want to be paid damages. I want justice to be done, I do not want to believe that this is the case for a surname. I want the damages to be paid to me, ”he said.

In addition, the man who is engaged in rolling advertising and has a radio in the town where he has lived for more than ten years explained that the robbery of the vehicle was filmed by the security cameras of a bank, but that to access the images You need a judge's order. So you must wait until Justice acts to see how this matter is resolved.

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