“They criticized me for playing a gay character”

As much loved as the famous NBC Friends comedy was, there was certainly no shortage of negative criticism, right from the time of its first broadcast. To recall some of them is Jane Sibbett, the interpreter of Carol Willick, Ross’s ex-wife, who reveals how many were frowned upon by her character’s sexuality on the show.

During an interview with Now is Love, Sibbett in fact told how not everyone, at the time, welcomed his character positively (a lesbian woman and also a mother), and as many were keen to point out her “mistakes”.

After the show’s debut, it quickly became apparent that I had a responsibility to stand up to those people who told me how ‘wrong’ what I was doing was, including my father who had a hard time accepting it.“explains the actress.

I was comparing myself to people on talk shows, people saying ‘You know, this, this and that, you shouldn’t do this for this reason.’ And I had to explain things well, it was important to be extremely clear: love is the most important thing, of all the things we can ever do, love is the way to go for each of us“and concludes”So this was my biggest responsibility, to make sure people understand this“.

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In the same interview, the actress of Friends she later revealed that, before accepting Carol’s, she was offered the role of Rachel Green, then played, as we all know, by Jennifer Aniston.


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