these are the most prominent film anniversaries of 2020

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"Let's die all" is one of the most recurring expressions to "celebrate" anniversaries of things that we like very much and that we live in its time. And that moment may have been far, far away, in time. 2020 will give a good account of all those titles.

Zero to one hundred

Ten, fifty, eighty years. What difference does it make. Time will not stop passing by us, although fortunately for many of our favorite movies, his time did freeze forever. We all know where we saw her, who was by our side and how much time has passed since then. Although sometimes one is not fully aware of the figure.

In 2020, of course, there are many, many, the movies that celebrate an anniversary. As the five-year-old is merely symbolic when it comes to having specific weight in our lives, we are going to remember some of those who, between ten and eighty, are in luck this year.

10 years

Canine (Kynodontas)

The film that put Yorgos Lanthimos into orbit, one of the most groundbreaking filmmakers of today (always within the establishment, of course) and that was a great starting point for those of us who followed his work, since his previous works were not easy to find either. A work as dysfunctional as the protagonist family and some of the most remembered moments of the last decade. Serve this reminder as a tribute to Mary Tsoni.

Other films that turn 10 in 2020 are 'A Prophet', 'Shutter Island', 'MacGruber', 'Toy Story 3', 'Origin (Inception)', 'Scott Pilgrim Against the World', 'Tangled (Tangled)' , 'Black swan', 'Value of law (True Grit)', 'The social network' or 'The king's speech'.

15 years


Ideologically complex, inspired by twisted and increasingly close facts, what is certain and unquestionable is that it is one of the most rounded films of his holiness Steven Spielberg, in addition to possibly being before the most beautiful film about terrorism That has ever been filmed.

Other films that turn 15 in 2020 are 'Batman Begins',' Wallace & Gromit. The curse of vegetables ',' Virgin at 40 ',' A history of violence ',' Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ',' Brokeback Mountain ',' Serenity 'or' Star Wars. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith '.

20 years

The Protected (Unbreakable)

The genesis by nemesis. A masterpiece, the best and most realistic film of superheroes of modern cinema, always narrated from the tragedy and ignorance (of the characters) through a superb, serious, emotional and, most importantly, treatment without ridiculous costumes or masks.
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Other films that turn 20 in 2020 are 'X-Men', 'Gladiator', 'What the truth hides', 'Almost famous', 'Tiger and dragon', 'Dance in the dark', 'High fidelity', 'Final destination' or 'Very Important dogs (Best in Show)'.

25 years

Two rebel cops (Bad Boys)

The first film by Michael Bay himself turns a quarter of a century. Silver weddings for a pitch that marked a before and after in the genre of action and catapulted two stars with a career (more or less) unbeatable. Will Smith and his director here have not stopped (more or less) giving us hours of unparalleled fun. Good time to toast in the movie theater with the new installment, 'Bad Boys for Life'.

Other films that turn 25 in 2020 are 'Apollo 13', 'Desperado', 'Braveheart', 'Red Tide (Crimson Tide)', 'Waterworld', 'Usual Suspects', 'Seven', 'Heat', '12 Monkeys' or 'Casino'.

30 years


This (other) masterpiece of Sam Raimi is, as happened with the majestic 'Robocop' by Paul Verhoeven, much more than a superhero movie. Actually, like that one, it is a super movie of heroes, a first, original, exciting, daring and commercial product. Pure cinema disguised as a genre that today would be unimaginable. Today they would rather do a bad reboot than would not reach the soles of the boots to his horny sequels.

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Other films that turn 30 in 2020 are 'Tremors', 'The Hunt for Red October,' Back to the Future III ',' Total Challenge ',' Dick Tracy ',' Gremlins 2: The New Generation ',' One of the our ',' Death among the flowers', 'Eduardo Manostijeras' or' Misery '.

40 years

Mad max

An endless nightmare. A pure horror movie and hard where there were hardly any roads beyond the initial chase and where what reigned was a suffocating atmosphere starring Australian bullies at the height of 'Wake in Fright'.
Because here nobody gets rid of ridicule, not even the Judas Priest police force. Good mandanga not suitable for sensitive hearts.

Other films that turn 40 in 2020 are 'Land as you can', 'Dressed to kill', 'Rogues at full speed (The Blue Brothers)', 'The elephant man', 'Wild bull', 'Flash Gordon' Empire strikes back 'or' Popeye '.

50 years

The Valley of Pleasures (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls)

Written by the longed for Roger Ebert and directed by Russ Meyer, this feminine (and feminist) epic has absolutely everything anyone could wish for. Sex, drugs and rock. Parties, drugs, death, destruction, beaches and Nazis. The story about the problems and advantages of a female rock band to get a place in the scene of the late sixties was Meyer's first work for a great studio. A classic.

Other films that turn 50 in 2020 are 'M.A.S.H.', 'Patton', 'My life is my life' or 'Return to the planet of the apes'.

60 years


The suspense master managed to get a murderer in homes around the world and he also managed that with a simple gesture of asking for silence the planet arrived virgin to the most frightening outcome that the spectators had lived in their lives. The adaptation of Robert Bloch's novel was a success that the years do not pass. One of those movies that never ends.

Other films that turn 60 in 2020 are 'Spartacus', 'The apartment' or 'The inheritance of the wind'.

70 years

The Twilight of the Gods (Sunset Boulevard)

The definitive work of Billy Wilder? I don't know if I would dare to affirm it, but without a doubt we are facing the definitive work on the sunset of the stars. And we are talking about a film from seventy years ago. I don't even want to imagine what that sunset is like now, in times of constant exhibitionism worldwide. 'The twilight of the gods' is one of those cases in which national titles were worked, right?

Other films that turn 70 in 2020 are 'Eva naked', 'The invisible Harvey', 'Rashomon', 'In a lonely place' or 'Cinderella'.

80 years


With a new version by Ben Wheatley that Netflix will release at any time, 'Rebecca' is, as everyone knows, the Oscar-winning best film by Alfred Hitchcock. Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontain in charge of one of the best psychological thrillers from any era, a gothic tale elaborated by a genius.

Other films that turn 80 in 2020 are 'The Great Dictator', 'Stories of Philadelphia' or 'Pinocchio'.

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