There are only 4 left! The semifinals of the U-17 World Cup were defined

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The quarterfinals of the U17 World Cup of FIFA, where France and the host Brazil They became the last teams to qualify for semifinals after beating Spain and Italy, respectively.

In parties that were expected much more close, the French had no mercy and they crushed the Spaniards 6-1, while ‘verdeamarela’ surpassed ‘azzurri 2-0.

In this way the semifinal crossings were defined. Brazil, who has lived a fairy tale at home, will have its most difficult test in the contest before France. A game of group leaders and teams that march with a perfect brand in the competition.

On the other side they will face Mexico and Holland. The Aztec team showed evolution in their football idea as the World Cup progressed, and the Dutch took advantage of the favor they did Argentina, because thanks to them they agreed to the round of 16 as one of the best third places, and have managed to capitalize on their stay in the phases of direct elimination.

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Both games will be developed next Thursday November 14, day on which we will meet the two teams that will play the final of the U17 World Cup in Brazil 2019.


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