There are 200,000 Chinese in Spain. So televisions have started broadcasting ads in their language

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Although the Chinese population in Spain occupies the sixth place in terms of population size, since the FORTA have opted to adapt an advertisement for dried fruits to Mandarin. And, although we do not know if this segmentation of the audience has resulted in a greater penetration of the product in the Chinese community, what is certain is that it has attracted the attention of Andalusian, Aragonese and Mallorcan spectators when wondering why a brand Valencia doubles an ad to the Chinese.

The spot The brand of nuts and snacks Churruca launched just three months ago an advertisement to promote "Picadita", a mix of fruits that is characterized by expanding the diversity of flavors in the market. The same offer dried fruits with chili flavor that others are mustard and honey flavor. However, neither the diversity of flavors nor the song that shapes the slogan are responsible for its nascent popularity. This is due to adaptation to the Chinese public.

Folded in Mandarin. This was the version of the ad that the Twitter user found @androidfrmchina during one of the advertising breaks of Canal Sur. It is exactly the same video above, with the difference that the voiceover that announces the benefits of the aperitif cocktail, speaks Chinese and the names of the flavors are written with the spellings of the Asian language.

Autonomous televisions. To everyone's surprise, the Chinese version of Churruca's "Picadita" not only appears on Andalusian television, but also on the rest of the regional channels. In fact, this is reaffirmed by several of the tweeters who have collaborated in the previous thread and this entry written by a user of Forocoches. While on Twitter they claim to have seen it on the TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias), Castilla y León TV and Aragón TV, in Forocoches they claim to have found it in Mallorca.

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Common advertising packages. The Federation of Autonomous Radio and Television Organizations is responsible for the most international announcement of Churruca has appeared on different regional channels. This organization, in addition to acquiring blocks of films to broadcast jointly at the regional level, is also responsible for managing joint advertising marketing. In this way, the channels covered by FORTA (all but TV3) share a series of advertisers that are integrated into the advertising sites located in the different time slots. Which explains why Churruca's Chinese announcement is transversal to all the chains.

Chinese segmentation When analyzing the foreign community resident in Spain by nationality, we find that the Chinese occupy the sixth place in terms of population. In total and according to the last report issued in 2019, in Spain 195,345 residents are of Chinese origin, of which 55,038 have a business or develop self-employment. And this last data is important because, despite not being the majority foreign collective, the Chinese are consolidated as the foreign community with more citizens registered as autonomous.

Image: Churruca / YouTube

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