Theories and release date of The Attack of the Giants 133: are we at the last chapters?

These days all we do is talk about The Attack of the Giants 4 coming in December. However, the publication of The Attack of the Giants 133, a number that could reserve several surprises for readers. Let’s see together the release date, predictions, theories and where to read the new story created by Isayama.

The Attack of the Giants will be released on 9 October 2020 on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine # 11-2020, and it will be possible to read it officially in English on Crunchyroll. But what should we expect from chapter 133 of The Attack of the Giants?

With the finale of the last chapter, we saw a clear division into two groups: Annie, Gabi, Falco and the citizens of Hizuru on the ship, on the run and away from battle; Armin and the others on the seaplane bound for Eren. The former may have been definitively excluded from the final fight and we could only see them again in the last chapter.

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Instead, the scene will inevitably have to focus on the seaplane journey and a return to Eren Jaeger and by now the characters should make contact. In Attack of the Giants 133 we will probably see Armin and Eren together again, as the march of the giants advances. There may be room for the first convincing speech that will definitely take us to the very last phase of the manga.


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