The Xbox Adaptive Controller modified and used to play Zelda on Switch

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The story of a young girl with disabilities who, thanks to the work of a valid engineer, has managed to play at The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. Like? Using the Microsoft Adaptive Controller.

Rory Steel modified the Adaptive Controller by connecting an Arcade Stick to the dashboard of the Adaptive Controller, in turn by connecting the latter to a Switch console. Only in this way Ava (this is the name of the young protagonist of the story) managed to play The Legend Zelda Breath of the Wild, with considerable satisfaction as shown in the clip incorporated in the Tweet that you find below.

Also Phil Spencer said he was thrilled than made by Steel and thanked him publicly, thanks to his work not only made a young Zelda fan very happy but also demonstrated the remarkable adaptability of the Microsoft controller, designed specifically to allow people with disabilities to play, reaching everyone easily the main keys needed.

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Undoubtedly on a positive note for the girl, Rory's work is receiving considerable praise on Twitter and the story is traveling around the world as a positive example related to the world of video games.

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