The Witcher would have an animated movie on Netflix

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Undoubtedly The Witcher It has turned out to be one of the greatest successes that Netflix has had since it began operating with original productions. The adaptation of Polish fantasy works has been a topic of conversation for weeks and is on its way to being the best premiere in the history of the video on demand platform.

The Redanian Intelligence site, dedicated especially to everything related to this franchise, echoes a list in which the animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is named.

This would be a Netflix production that would seek to take advantage of the enormous pull that the series has in order to have related content in what the second season comes, slowly but inexorably, in 2021.

Behind the project appears Beau DeMayo as a screenwriter. He has already written the third episode of the first season of the main series and will write one of the eight episodes of the second season.

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From here it is all speculation. We can assume that the title wolf is Geralt, as one of his many nicknames is the White Wolf. We should also assume that if you star in the movie you will have the voice of Henry Cavill.

Not long ago, the executive producer of the Netflix series commented that they had several surprises in mind regarding the spaces that will be between seasons. Perhaps the premiere of this animated film is just one of the many plans they have so that viewers do not have time to forget Geralt and his friends in the long months that will pass between the premiere of one season and the next.

For now you have to wait for an official confirmation and keep doing time until the second season of the series opens in February 2021.

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