The Witcher turns into an anime thanks to a brilliant reinterpretation

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The television transposition of The Witcher has achieved such success that it has prompted Netflix producers to make an animated adaptation that Studio Mir will take care of. An artist, Carolina Oliveria, wanted to anticipate the times through a brilliant reinterpretation of Geralt in a cartoon key.

the artist spent a few words to describe his style and tell its main sources of inspiration:

"My animated version of the young Geralt of Rivia from the Netflix series! I was inspired by the anime" Fairy Gone "because I appreciate the Dark Fantasy style."

Oliveira has reworked several sequences of the television series with its characteristic trait, providing an appetizer of what we will appreciate in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. About the work, the screenwriter Beau DeMayo told the microphones of Comicbook.com that will retain absolutely peculiar characteristics, able to stand out thanks to the medium of animation, where in a live action adaptation they would not have had the same effectiveness.

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The film will not revolve around Geralt's character, he will see the time-honored Vesemir as protagonist, the most experienced of Kaher Mohren's witchers. For his interpretation within the feature, rumors are chasing about the involvement of Mark Hamill, however at the moment there is no official confirmation on the matter.

Is the Witchare: Nightmatre of the Wolf canonical? The screenwriter Beau De Mayo has cleared all doubts. Curiously, the author revealed that he had received a strong influence from Dragon Ball in his youth, having been greatly impressed by the spectacular nature of the battles in animated form.

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