The Witcher showrunner expresses all her happiness at the announcement of the animated film

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Netflix has displaced everyone with the bomb announcement spread in these hours on the world of The Witcher. After communicating the enormous success achieved by the TV series, becoming among the most profitable for the American streaming giant, he surprisingly revealed that he had an animated feature film in the pipeline.

From the title The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf, not much is known yet, in fact, we say almost nothing. Obviously, a release date has not yet been communicated, nor has a real plot been published. We only know that it will enrich the world already presented in the television series and that there will be one new threat ready to invade the continent.

It would seem that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Beau DeMayo, respectively showrunner and series producer Netflix, will also be involved in the making of this feature film. And it was the woman who expressed through a tweet how electrified, but above all happy that, after the announcement, she won't have to keep more secret. Secret that apparently cost him enormous effort.

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In fact, as the showrunner says, she has been keeping her mouth shut for over a year now, so much so that she couldn't wait to talk about it freely and without the constant fear of revealing more than she was allowed to. And it is through the post reported at the bottom of this article that we read the release he felt at the time of the official announcement by Netflix.

And what do you think of this news? Have you seen the TV series down and do you think you are seeing the feature film? Let us know below in the comments.

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