The Witcher scriptwriters talk about how they created Yennefer's past

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Some time ago we learned that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich used Dunkerke, Christopher Nolan's movie, to be inspired by how to tell the story of its three main protagonists: Geralt de Rivia, Ciri and Yennefer.

The Witcher: How Yennifer's Season 1 Story Was Created

One of Netflix's latest podcasts Behind the Scenes, Hissrich explained how, in the first season, Yennefer had to be meticulously rebuilt in the screenwriting room, based on very little of Geralt's first stories. When Yennefer is presented on the pages of Sapkowski, she is already a powerful and complete magician. Little else is known about his past.

Readers knew that Yennefer was part of the Battle of Sodden Hill, which took place at the end of the first season, but the rest of his "past" was mainly reflected in this passage of the story. "The Last Wish" or The Last Wish.

"The sorcerer approached, vigilant and silent. He saw his left shoulder, slightly higher than the right. His nose, a little too long. His lips, a little too narrow. His chin, retreating a little too much. His eyebrows also a little irregular. His eyes … He saw too many details. Quite unnecessarily. "

"There are a couple of sentences in the books," Hissrich said. "Just a couple of sentences in which he reflects on his past. Or where Geralt assumes things about his past." "The writers and I analyze all those sentences, we gather them and then we elaborate a story from them."

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The second season of The Witcher is confirmed and more and more names of celebrities appear on the table to interpret some of the most characteristic characters in this story.

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