The Witcher 2, a star forced to leave the Netflix series! All the details

Not always everything goes as planned on the Continent, e even the best witchers are forced to abandon certain missions halfway: this is what happened to an actor in the cast, who wanted to greet fans of the Netflix series with a post on Instagram.

Unfortunately, due to the delay caused by Covid-19, I won’t be able to play Eskel in The Witcher. It’s heartbreaking, but I feel happy and thankful for the days I’ve been able to spend on set this year. They were all absolutely professional and enthusiastic about the project: it was an experience that inspired me a lot “, he has declared Thue Rasmussen.

The actor had won the role of the witcher Eskel, friend of Geralt and his companion of adventures in that of Kaer Morhen, as anyone who has read novels and played video games knows. The character is one of several new entries in the Netflix production but the rescheduling of the shoot must have come into conflict with the commitments already made by Rasmussen, and at this point it will have to be replaced with someone else soon, as filming has already started.

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After thanked the fans who had written to him regarding the new role obtained, the actor wished the production a good continuation and concluded with: “I’m sure season 2 is going to be absolutely fantastic, and now I’ll have to look at her as a fanboy and not as a witcher“.

Who would you see well in the role of Eskel? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, here’s the breakdown of The Witcher 2 release date.


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