The wild fight between two NHL players celebrated by fans on social media

Fight between Justin Williams and Ryan Strome in the NHL

As well as the NBA, MLS or NASCAR, among others, little by little the sports competitions began to restart in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in U.S, the country most affected by the number of infections and deaths (4.75 million and 157 thousand respectively).

This weekend it was the turn of the National Hockey League (NHL). In this case, unlike soccer and basketball played in the Orlando bubble, the competition is divided between the two Canadian cities of Toronto and Edmonton.

The reboot had several highlights, but without a doubt the most outstanding was the episode that took place in the game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers, in which two players staged a brutal fight in the middle of the track.

Justin Williamas hit Strome in the nose (catch)
Justin Williamas hit Strome in the nose (catch)

One of the condiments that characterizes NHL is that these bouts that take place during matches are allowed. That is why Justin Williams and Ryan Strome They did not doubt it and, after a play that occurred during the first half, they began to hit each other.

In the images it could be seen how Ryan Strome tried to go out playing between two rivals, while one of them prevented him from doing it by grabbing him by the shoulder. Automatically he stopped playing to start protesting. It was there that Williams faced him as the Rangers' advance continued.

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The cameras immediately went with the fight, in which both protagonists appeared without their masks and savagely hitting themselves in the face. Despite having thrown more punches, it seems that Strome got the worst of it as he ended up with a bloody nose. After a few seconds, the referees interceded to stop the match.

"There was a lot of accumulated energy from many players", recognized the forward of the Hurricanes. "Months without playing a significant hockey game is difficult," he added.

Later the cleaning crew who entered the scene, with the corresponding safety and hygiene measures, to remove blood stains they had fallen on the ice in the area.

The confrontation went viral and lFans applauded what happened: "I love this," commented one. "This was probably COVID's best stress release," said another. "Very good fight!" Exclaimed a third.


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