The Welsh national team prohibits golf for its players during the European Championship

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The Welsh national team has banned golfers from their players. After the controversy of the Bale flag in which the Real Madrid player claimed that his priorities were "Wales. Golf. Real Madrid. In that order", the response of the selection has not been long in coming.

"You cannot reach a situation where your players risk their health and fitness by playing golf. I know there are players who see it differently. We know that they cannot be training all day, they also have to be entertained but you have to be careful, "said the president of the Federation, Jonathan Ford in statements collected by the AS Journal.

Welsh coach Ryan Giggs has shown his support for the ban. "Ryan is clear that during the concentration we should focus only on football ", explains the coach.

"Hopefully the pitos are not a problem all season"

Since showing the flag after the classification of Wales for the Euro2020, the fans of the Bernabéu have beaten Bale. However, the player has had the support of his coach, who hopes that "whistles are not a problem throughout the season."

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"I hope they are not a problem all season," he said about the whistles to Bale. "What we want is for our fans to be with us from the beginning to the end, but we can't control all this either. Fans have the right to do whatever they want, I keep the 15-20 very good minutes that Bale has done ", he added.

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