The Walking Dead: insults for a post on George Floyd, the author: "Open your eyes"

Robert Kirkman, famous author of the series The Walking Dead, recently took a position on social media to defend the movement Black Lives Matter, addressing in particular the slice of the public that has in recent days harshly criticized the shared posts of the Twitter profile of the TV series.

Later to the murder of George Floyd in fact, the page decided to share the following statement last June 2: "This platform is normally used to discuss comics, TV and entertainment. But being silent is tantamount to being guilty. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We stand in support of the African American community and as a group we feel compelled to criticize heavily the episodes of racism that have taken place in the last few weeks (…) Tomorrow we too will join the Blackout Tuesday. We do not close our eyes to these episodes of racism or we will become accomplices".

The page posted a second post a few hours ago, writing: "It seems that many users have decided to stop following us after our statement in support of the #BLM movement. We hope that everyone who has decided to stay will recognize the problem, and that they will be close to the African American community. The Walking Dead is a family and we are proud to represent different realities, if someone disagrees and prefers to leave us, it is ok for us".

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Robert Kirkman, author of the series, therefore decided to end the discussion once and for all: "That of The Walking Dead can be considered a family only if all the members feel equally safe. Let us open our eyes and recognize the problem, so as to transform this period of hatred into something positive and productive".

And what do you think of it? Do you agree? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you haven't done it yet, we recommend you read our latest insight on The Walking Dead, the best-selling cartoon made in the USA of the decade.


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