The Walking Dead, here are new photos from the set of “A Certain Doom”

The AMC has released new promotional images of “A Certain Doom”, the episode with which the tenth season of The Walking Dead will restart after the long stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The protagonist of these photos is Father Gabriel who is shown intent on stemming the terrible horde of gods Whisperers led by Beta. The armed priest vows to defend RJ and Judith Grimes as they hide in a hospital tower that shelters refugees from allied communities now under siege. In short, Gabriel becomes the last line of defense for children and other survivors as the Whisperers suddenly breach the lock.

Our group of survivors met Gabriel when he was a cowardly priest who condemned his congregation at the start of the apocalypse, a sin he won’t commit a second time.

“I think that Father Gabriel somehow embraced God’s inner voice and embraced his message, and that he now has that purpose”, he said Gilliam about her character during this year’s Virtual Comic-Con. “He failed in his first attempt to protect his community and his flock by locking them all out of the church, and I think this is the second chance God is giving him.”

“We will see Gabriel come forward as a leader and find himself in some dangerous situations. Everyone will do what they do best as heroes and fight in the face of impossible difficulties.” the showrunner said Angela Kang. “It will be a great action-packed adventure for everyone when we return.”

These images add to the photos already released on The Walking Dead ending. For more insights, here’s everything we know about the latest episodes of The Walking Dead.

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