The Walking Dead, a love story jumped for lack of interest from fans?

In the sixth season of The Walking Dead, Tobin became the first Carol’s romantic interest after the death of her husband, Ed, absent from the first story arc. Going forward with the plot, however, the relationship between the two has not been developed anymore, and according to actor Jason Douglas this is due to a very specific reason.

Speaking with The Walking Dead Brasil (via, Tobin’s performer said that the relationship between his character and that of Melissa McBride may have been shelved for a lack of public interest: “I’m not sure if the writers or the showrunner were interested in continuing that story. I assume it didn’t work well with some of our fans, because the subject was dropped completely in season 7. But I loved working with Melissa, she’s a He is a naturalistic and nuanced artist, and I think we could have done some interesting things together given the opportunity. And I’m grateful that it all worked out with my final scene. “

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About his last scene in the series, the actor recalled: “I was able to work again with almost all the main cast members like Andy [Lincoln], Melissa, and some fantastic newcomers to the series, including Cooper Andrews and Avi Nash. And of course I spent time as a zombie in a fantastic Frankenstein tribute and horror movie classic. “

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