The volume 94 of ONE PIECE breaks a record that has lasted over 7 years

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When it comes to ONE PIECE It is normal to take into account the crazy flow of the world's best selling manga. A series fruit of years of success, as well as sacrifices and pure artistic and narrative talent by Eiichiro Oda. Yet something extremely unexpected happened this week.

ONE PIECE is one of the most important works of the last decade, as well as of the whole generation that has accompanied the advent of the third millennium. Despite the conflict with Demon Slayer, the manga has had no problem continuing to grind copies over copies over the past year. However, this past week ended a record that lasted several years in the serialization of Oda sensei's masterpiece.

In particular, since the 50th issue, the comic book had never sold less than a million copies in the first week, even with the same number of days counted (volume 79 and 76 debuted with the same period with more than one and a half million tankobons sold). Indeed, the 94th issue of ONE PIECE sold "only" 883 thousand copies, an exorbitant but relatively low figure if compared to the extraordinary success of the franchise.

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The causes that led to this drastic drop are not yet known, but it is undeniable that we are facing one of the most important events in the pirate saga of Weekly Shonen Jump. And you, on the other hand, where do you think this very important drop in sales came from in the first week? The space dedicated to comments is at your disposal.

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