the voice of dr. Hibbert criticizes the decision on white voice actors

After Hank Azaria's decision to stop dubbing Apu in the cartoon The Simpsons, the producers of the long-lived show have decided to no longer use white voice actors for the voices of non-white characters. The issue of inclusiveness and representation of minorities has long been at the center of the debate.

The character of Apu, for example, seen with today's sensitivity it seems imbued with racist stereotypes, no longer acceptable nowadays after years in which that type of irony went unnoticed and was not incorrect.

On the issue of rumors, however, those who do not seem too agree are Harry Shearer, voice actor of several characters from The Simpsons: the perfidious Mr Burns, the Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, the lackey Smithers, but also the Doctor Hibbert, the irreproachable African American doctor.

"I have a very simple belief about acting" he told in recent days on Times Radio. "The actor's job is play someone who is not. "

For Shearer, therefore, it is not wrong that he, white, lend your voice to a colored person. The actor stressed that he did not intend to criticize the choice of producers, but speaking of the possibility of interpreting a different range of characters he commented: "This is the point. This is the job description. "

The problem, if anything, is that "people of all backgrounds should be represented in writing in order to decide which stories to tell and with which knowledge ". His work, however, reiterates Harry Shearer, "is to play someone I am not".

The SimpsonsMeanwhile, they are about to return with season 32. If you haven't done so yet, you can check out the trailer for the Halloween episode.

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