The Viper: The big difference between El Potrillo and Keanu Reeves

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Why does Alejandro Fernández date a 23-year-old girl? Our snake has its own theory

Oh, men, men, never cease to surprise us. What things are: while the guapote de Keanu Reeves Busting social networks showing his 46-year-old girlfriend, with hair without dye drop, with very little makeup and with a lovely smile, Alejandro Fernandez make a fool of yourself again. No, not for a new binge, don't worry. Nor for posing effeminately at a friend's party. And less for having patched a paparazzi.

El Potrillo is now on everyone's lips because he has a new conquest. You know, a girl of those who looks like they are going to break if you touch them, with a porcelain doll face, and with an expression that she has nothing in her brain other than spinning air.

But hey, that's not the most important thing in the new relationship, believe me. The real news is that the girl in question is 23 years old, that is, 25 years younger than him. Almost like Thalia Y Tommy Mottola, although of course, Alejandro has not yet had the 45 plastic surgeries that Tommy has done.

The point is that Ana Paula Valle, as the girl is called, which of course is dedicated to modeling because that career does not involve any kind of physical or mental effort, is three years younger than the eldest son of Potrillo, who is 26 years old. And it's only two years older than the twins –America Y Camila– from the singer. ¡Válgame !, is that I don't even want to imagine what a meeting will be like between all that clan, including Ana Paula and Alejandro's dread.

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Here between us, I have a theory. I think that mature men who insist on dating such young women have, in addition to a half-twisted brain cable, something very rough to hide. You imagine what it is. And the reason they are inclined to much younger girls is because at that age they can be made very easy. They can tell you that the sky is pink and they will believe it. They can tell you that fashion is to walk forever and she will believe it. Because of course, they are curious and they are small. Or rather, they are in love. What they don't know is that these men live stuck in a twenty-year-old mental age, but in bodies of fifty or sixty.

You will see that this idyll soon ends, and not because of him, but because it should not be easy to put up with a teenager-minded man, as Alejandro is seen to be. Obviously, older and intelligent women intimidate him, and that is the big difference between celebrities like him and Keanu Reeves.


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