The unusual inconvenience of a Formula 1 driver who was called urgently to run: "My right buttock is falling asleep"

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The unusual inconvenience that Nico Hülkenberg in Formula 1

The German pilot Nico Hülkenberg had no plans last Thursday to be near the Formula 1, but fate took an unexpected turn before his eyes: Mexican runner Sergio Pérez tested positive for coronavirus and Racing Point He had to urgently go looking for a replacement for Sunday's race at the Silverstone Grand Prix. The pilot of 32 years He was chosen, he flew to Britain in a hurry and experienced an unusual situation in his first kilometers aboard the Mercedes Rosa.

To hit the track, Hülkenberg must have asked him borrow the outfit from Lance Stroll (the other pilot of the team and son of the owner), something that was not a problem due to the similarity in their heights. However, the unexpected conflict came on the track and the official account of Formula 1 was in charge of sharing the moment.

Dude, do you think I could take a quick break? The right side of my ass is falling asleep. I feel a lot of pressure down there ”, asked the pits via radio the man who until 2019 was in command of a Renault car. Moments later, he was called by the team and was able to leave the annoying chair.

“The last 24 hours were incredible. On Thursday afternoon they called me, I took a plane to here and I made my seat until 2 in the morning. At 8 I was already in the simulator where I prepared myself for about an hour. It was a short night, but it was worth it and it is a pleasure to be back ”, he recounted about the adventure he lived between the novelty with Czech Pérez and received the call.

Nico Hulkenberg was ranked 13th (Photo: Reuters)
Nico Hulkenberg was ranked 13th (Photo: Reuters)

With a past in Formula 1 at Williams, Force India and Sauber, Hulk He was ranked 13th in the Silverstone GP that will feature Lewis Hamilton at the forefront of the grid, followed by Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. The team leaned on him to replace Perez as Stoffel Vandoorne – the Mercedes reserve driver who could have been loaned – was in Germany preparing to run the Formula E Championship.

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"We analyze in parallel to Hülkenberg and Esteban Gutiérrez. Our team thought Nico would be more appropriate because he knows us so well. Meet all the engineers, our systems and our processes. He has driven our simulator and it would be easy for him to re-enter the simulator. We only needed someone who could score points for us, so we thought Nico would be the best for us, "said the team leader, Otmar Szafnauer, in statements that the specialized site unveiled. Motor Sport.

Pérez is supposed to be out for two competitions and so the Hulk will be in command of the pink vehicle in this race and the next, which will also be Silverstone next weekend. “I feel like there's more potential, but I don't know if they can expect me to get 100% of the car out in these circumstances. Let me tell you these cars are beasts. They have a lot of grip, I never felt so much speed in the corners, so much G-force. But it is also hard, "the emergency pilot explained to Sky F1.


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