The unexpected darts of Teo Gutiérrez to Marcelo Gallardo

There is no doubt that the passage of Teófilo Gutiérrez by River Plate was successful. The Colombian defended the jersey of the Núñez cast between 2013 and 2015, at which time reaped five titles, although the last one was precisely the Libertadores Cup in which he decided to leave suddenly after advancing to the semifinals of the contest.

Although it was the figure of that quarterfinal key before Cruzeiro in Belo Horizonte, the man born in Barranquilla chose to leave the institution and go to Sporting Lisbon. "I felt that at that moment I had to make that decision and that it was the best thing for the club and for me", justified in an interview with DirecTV Sports.

However, true to form, Teo slipped a controversial phrase when talking about Marcelo Gallardo, with whom no short circuit between the two was ever made public. “When I played with Rosario, I went to greet the cook, the prop and I went to greet Gallardo. But man is already on another level … ”, he commented when asked about his relationship with the Doll.

That silence of the coffee maker gave rise to being asked if the DT had changed his way of being, to which he replied: "People change. Every human being changes for good and we must respect. He will decide what he wants in life and as a person, but the only thing that cannot change someone is humility … I am not saying anything about him ”.

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With whom he did praise was with Ramon Diaz, who directed it before him Doll at Millionaire and with whom he held two trophies. “It is very special because he was the one who asked me. He always calls me where he is going. Ramón is the River experience for everything he won. It was seen how the squad was well grouped in 2013 and 2014 so that we could win the Final Tournament ”he assured.

It was there that Gutierrez He described what his visit to the Monumental was like and did not hesitate to send a dart to Napoleon: “River has not won the local tournament until now. I am among the players who have won everything. Some need to win the league"

It should be remembered that just over a month ago, the forward of 35 years He had already surprised with a statement justifying why he would not return to River. "I don't think (that he will come back), it will be difficult because Gallardo is a very strict guy in his work. He likes to demand a lot."


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