The Umbrella Academy, Allison's interpreter talks about the civil rights movement and BLM

While fans are still looking for all the easter eggs featured in The Umbrella Academy 2, Netflix's official Twitter profile shared an interesting interview with Emmy Raver-Lampman, the interpreter of Allison Hargreeves.

As you know, after the time travel that brought the protagonists of the series in the 60s, the character of Emmy Raver-Lampman has decided to engage in the fight for the civil rights of African Americans, organizing sit-ins and other demonstrations to combat the racial segregation still present in the society of United States. Here's what his comment on the part was: "What is happening these days happens for a reason, because we haven't yet dealt with our past. I believe this season is to shed light and amplify a struggle that has been taking place in this nation for over 400 years, in one way or another."

Speaking of his experience in trying to show theimportance of movement, Emmy reveals: "I was very nervous, we are talking about a movement and a very important moment, it was a harsh, violent reality for many African Americans. We still keep talking about these things and the battle is not over yet, so I wanted to be sure to tell the story in the best and most respectful way possible.At the bottom of the news is the rest of his speech, in which he discusses this important topic.

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We close the news with the first indiscretions of the third season of The Umbrella Academy.


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