The Twilight Zodiac: Find out what character you are based on your Chinese horoscope

After seeing several combinations between our zodiac and various movies / actors / characters, we decided to try again to assign movie characters to the Chinese zodiac signs (which we had already seen with the heroes of the MCU), this time in salsa. . Twilight!

Of chinese horoscope we had dealt with it before, and this time we want to do it again, always with the help of our colleagues at Screen Rant.

The film, indeed, the saga, chosen for the occasion is Twilight, the series of films based on the novels of Stephenie Meyer (which apparently will continue to arrive since the author is already thinking about the next books set right in the world Twilight) and that launched in stardom Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart.

According to the combinations that we report below, therefore, who will ever be linked to your sign (click on the link if you don’t already know your Chinese zodiac sign)? Alice Cullen? Jacob Black? The terrible Aro? Let’s find out together.

  • Horse – Carlisle Cullen
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And to you, what character happened? Are you happy with the combination? Or did you prefer another one? Let us know in the comments.


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