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The time Jenni Rivera escaped hitmen running barefoot through Tamaulipas streets

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Seven years after Jenni Rivera's death, renowned businessman and music producer Pepe Garza revealed an unpublished interview with the ‘Diva de la Banda’.

In one of the fragments of the material developer we hear the occasion in which Jenni Rivera had to escape from a group of armed hitmen in Tamaulipas.

According to what we heard in the recording, Jenni had gone to the Tamaulipas Fair to sing, when a group of hitmen started a shooting near the massive event.

That night I was going to sing, the presentation was already there, the band playing the first song and I don't know what happened that they thought they were coming I don't know what group, that was rumored, it was a group of such people, and that crowd of people He started running to the stage. ”

The Diva of the Band had to run away

Seeing the chaos that had happened, Jenni also had to flee: “(…)along with them I ran through the streets of Reynosa, that was last year, my husband was with me, my manager, the people of my team, we hid in a van, because they said they were armed, so I couldn't even sing"

According to the local press, the events took place on April 4, 2010, where at least 10 people died the night of that Friday.

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According to the local press, the shooting began by a clash between rival hitmen groups within a table dance called "Mirage".

The shooting infused fear at the Fair where Jenni was about to appear, and from there hundreds of people fled through the streets of the state, including Jenni herself who had to run barefoot to protect herself from the attacks.

"I only reached two steps of the stage, when they told me to run, they did not necessarily want to hurt me, at that moment you do not know what is happening and then I got into the truck, I was stuck, blocked by another car because the driver had also run, then I could not get out, but take off my high heel boots and run barefoot through the streets of Reynosa, along with 18 thousand people who simplement wanted to continue living"

*From minute 22:13 you can listen to Jenni Rivera telling that terrible anecdote:

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