The team that wanted to build the Chicago Bulls after the retirement of Michael Jordan comes to light

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Jerry Krause had discussions with Phil Jackson (Grosby)
Jerry Krause had discussions with Phil Jackson (Grosby)

The documentary The Last Dance, which shows how one of the most important dynasties in the history of sports was created, revived several stories and brought to light several internal fights. The targeted as the "villain" of the story was Jerry Krause, the then general manager of the Chicago Bulls.

The manager, one of the great architects in the assembly of the teams that obtained the 6 rings of the Illinois institution, had conflicts with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson.

Faced with the commotion that originated after the broadcast of this series, the family decided to filter a preview of Krause's memories, in which he explains the reasons that led him to take the path of reconstruction and dispose of several of his figures after the 1998 title. Since then, it has been difficult for the Bulls to be the protagonist again and in several campaigns he wandered around the bottom of the table in the Eastern Conference.

Jamal Crawford recounted Jerry Krause's rebuilding plans (Reuters)
Jamal Crawford recounted Jerry Krause's rebuilding plans (Reuters)

"He wants to be paid superstar dollars. Is it worth the risk, especially if we can't find a strong center and power forward? " Pip. On MJInstead, he substantiated his departure arguing that “Michael has publicly said that he will not play for a coach other than Phil. Phil has told us he left. "

The person in charge of unveiling Krause's plans to carry out the team's assembly was the experienced one. Jamal Crawford. The shooting guard came to the NBA after being chosen in eighth place in the 2000 Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who immediately transferred him to the Chicago Bulls, where he played 4 seasons.

During a podcast conversation The Platform Basketball, the athlete commented on the "super team" that Krause wanted to arm with the salary space that the franchise had. "In my freshman and sophomore year in the NBA we were the youngest team in the league. Fans already knew this: 'Here's a rebuild.' And in the first year at least we were all rookies and we had all that 'cap space.' (salary space) … So Jerry Krause set out to sign Tim Duncan, Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady, who were free agents in 2000. "he explained.

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Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady signed with Orlando (Reuters)
Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady signed with Orlando (Reuters)

“It was thought that the three of them would accept. If only two had done it… boom! "said the former New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns.

As it is known, those from Illinois did not achieve the arrival of any of their 3 objectives and had to settle for the signing of Ron Mercer. Tim Duncan chose to extend his bond with San Antonio Spurs, where he became a legend and won five titles. Tracy McGrady, who would later be twice the season's leading scorer and 7 times All-Star, left the Toronto Raptors for land at the Orlando Magic. Grant hillFor his part, he abandoned the Detroit Pistons and accepted the Magic's offer.


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