The surprising wink of Arturo Vidal to Boca that excited the fans

While sports activity in Argentina still paralyzed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is no longer a novelty that different figures in the world of international soccer reveal their desire to wear the shirt of Boca Juniors. In recent times there were more than a dozen players who demonstrated as fans of the Xeneize and they slipped the possibility of defending their colors someday.

Without going any further, one of the last names that rumbled through the corridors of the Bombonera was that of Arturo vidal, current midfielder for Barcelona and the Chilean National Team. Was his compatriot Gary Medel who confessed that the King is a faithful follower of the cast of La Ribera and that they could even play together in Argentina, since he also spoke of his possible return to the institution where he was between 2009 and 2010. "Arturo Vidal loves Boca. It doesn't matter if they play with me or without. It is the team that continues from Argentina ”, the Dog had expressed this last Friday in dialogue with the program Continental Closs.

Of course, this statement impacted strongly among the fans who, due to the size of the player he represents Vidal globally, they were excited about the possible arrival of the Chilean from 33 years. So the page @ Bocajrs12ok, one of the many unofficial accounts that the Xeneize in Instagram, went further and He uploaded an edited photo of the steering wheel with the blue and gold jacket on.

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And it seems that it had enough repercussion because in less than four hours the own Vidal gave him I like, causing fans to explode with joy and enthusiasm for the protagonist's gesture.

Last week, from the club environment they recognized the strong interest of Juan Román Riquelme, second vice president and head of the institution's soccer secretariat, for Mauritius Island, side of the Red. To this were added the testimonies of Medel about his possible return. And now it appears Vidal on the horizon as a difficult dream but not impossible for Boca fans.

Reality shows that former Juventus and Bayenr Munich have current contract with the Culé until June 2021. Only in that period could he decide not to renew and end his journey through Europe to land in South America. What if Roman calls him?


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