The success of Nintendo Switch? Merit of fun, not of power

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With over 55 million units sold in just three years and a growth that shows no sign of stopping, Nintendo Switch can be called a resounding success. How did the hybrid console achieve these exceptional results? They explain it to us on President Shuntaro Furukawa and the Director & Senior Executive Officer Ko Shioda.

In the last meeting with the shareholders, the number one of the Kyoto house explained that, according to him, the reasons for such a great success are two. The first is Nintendo Switch Lite, since the portable console has made it possible to further expand the installed base reaching a new audience. The second, however, is the opportunity given to developers of focus on a single platform. In the past, in fact, they had to navigate between two distinct consoles, a housewife and a laptop, with separate libraries and dev kits.

Even Ko Shioda has his say. The Director & Senior Executive Officer believes that success is due to the philosophy that guides the entire project: rather than focusing on technical power, Nintendo he prefers to focus on making fun experiences, which have gained the approval of a wide variety of audiences, including families. What do you think about it?

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