The Stranger: Get ready for Horror Ride

Get ready to ride with the stranger Passenger. The debut season of The Stranger is featuring Bone Chilling. It is an eleven hour-long marathon movie series.  In this Movie, you will watch that passengers share different experiences with different riders. Let see the cast, plot, release date and other things that you want to know about The Stranger.

The Stranger
The Stranger

The stranger is the Thriller ride, in this Series, there are many characters are involved to share something new that the public had never experience. A cast of the first season are Stephen Rea, Kadiff Kirwan, Shaun Dooley, Siobhan Finneran, Dervla Kirwan, Paul Kaye, Hannah John-Kamen, Richard Armitage, Anthony Head, Jacob Dudman, Lamissah La-Shontae and so on, further will be added when movie continues to their journey.

Amidst the entire cast, the Main cast will take part in the driver is Hannah John-Kamen and Richard Armitage. Here, Hannah will play the ride driver role and Richard joined her as a strange passenger. To put the complete experience of the thriller, many characters had put their best efforts to make the stranger.

The release date of the stranger is April 6, 2020. After so many postpone tragedy, finally production of the movie has been declared the confirm date of the release. Quibi is the streaming partner of The Stranger. The movie is directed by the Veena Sud, so she had produced also. Many of you know Quibi, it is a mobile application and web application like Netflix, it is developed to take movies worldwide. It is Los Angeles, California based platform.

After the trailer launch, people are seemingly waiting for the big-screen release. Thriller ride increases the curiosity in the viewer’s area. The Simple ride story is filled with many turns down; the thriller sequence gives a perfect emotion. So, movie cut-down in several chapters.

The trailer was released on YouTube and the Quibi Platform, February 14, 2020, was the released date of the trailer of The Stranger. After the release of the trailer, it will spread positively all over the group of audience. And this type of positive response gives the boost to make this type of experimental thriller movie sequences. The trailer gives you a horrific experience.

In the movie series, strangers are explained their different ride experience. The subject of the movie is Horror, and passenger book the ride on the night. As soon as the ride starts, the horror act will come. And it will bring out the wickedness of the passengers. Like that many passengers who took a ride, they will feel it.

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