The story never told: the fierce fight between Mourinho and Cristiano that left Ronaldo on the verge of tears

Mourinho was coach of Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013
Mourinho was coach of Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013

Luka modric revealed a secret entrenched in the depths of the locker room of the Real Madrid which surprises due to various factors that range from the receiver of the criticism to the context in which it developed. The story, published in his autobiography, does nothing more than expose the demand for Jose Mourinho as a coach, which led him to confront the club's top star without compromise, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The event occurred during the 2013 Copa del Rey and generated a tense cross between the DT and the attacker that left CR7 "almost on the verge of tears." Although it does not specify the match, the anecdote would emerge from the 2012/13 season tournament that the Meringue he lost in a historic final against Atlético de Madrid 2-1, since in the middle of 2013 the place on the substitute bank was occupied by the Italian Carlo Ancelotti.

"I was once really surprised by Mourinho's angry reaction towards Cristiano Ronaldo. It was during a 2013 Copa del Rey game in which we were winning 2-0: an opponent with a full back went deep into the left sector on our side, Ronaldo did not follow him and Mourinho nervously yelled at him to score. With the action over, the coach continued to complain. A real dispute arose, "recalled the Croatian in the publication called My Game that narrates his life and that resounded strongly in different media around the world from this fragment.

Within the year and the result, only one match fits into this story: the 4-0 over Celta corresponding to the return of the round of 16 of the tournament. Taking into account that the first leg had been owned by those of Vigo 2-1, the Meringue he left at halftime in the rematch with an advantage of two goals scored by Cristiano himself. "When we got to the locker room, Ronaldo was desperate, almost on the verge of crying, and said: "I do my best and he continues to criticize me.". Then Mourinho entered. He stood in the center of the locker room and reproached Ronaldo angry for not being responsible during the game. The spirits heated up and in at a certain moment the colleagues had to intervene. Mourinho is like that, he has blood reactions and he says them, no matter who he is, ”said Modric, who has been at the Madrid club for eight seasons.

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Modric has been at Real Madrid for eight seasons (Photo: Reuters)
Modric has been at Real Madrid for eight seasons (Photo: Reuters)

Within the book, Luka was also surprised by the ovation that Cristiano received in the Champions League against Juventus when he was still part of Real: "Everyone stood up to applaud him. A scene sparked by the fact that Italian fans knew Cristiano would join Juventus in three months from there. "

Mourinho commanded Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013 and raised three crowns: a League, a Copa del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup.

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