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The story behind "My Time", BTS's Jungkook song

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Each of the songs on BTS's new album "Map of the Soul: 7" is a true musical gem. Each of the songs that make it up has its meaning, its why, its creative process and its special connection with each of the Idols. One of the songs that has been positioned on the popularity charts and not exactly the promotional singles, is "My Time" performed by Bangtan's Golden Maknae, Jungkook.

In his solo song for the album "Map of the Soul: 7", Jungkook recalls his young existence in this world while singing, "It seems like I grew up faster than the others, my life has been a movie the whole time, I've been running to where the sun rises every night, it's like I've been in someone's tomorrow. "

In an interview for The Korea Herald newspaper, Sleep Deez who produced "My Time" alongside Big Hit producer and internal composer Pdogg, stressed that the song has a great concept.

Jungkook related to his experience, growing fast and in the limelight, always feeling like he was in a different time zone, I thought it was a great way to make the record personal.

BTS wanted an R&B song for "Map of the Soul: 7". Sleep Deez took up the challenge and tried to create something current and radio friendly that would also work for artists like Chris Brown and Drake. Jayrah Gibson (who has written over 100 songs including EXO's "Growl" and TXT's "20cm") commented that being part of Bangtan's new album "is a dream come true, this is the new wave of young people who they advocate love, inner peace, embrace their inner flaws and simply accept themselves for who they are. "

Grammy-winning American producer and songwriter Printz Board (who worked with Black Eyed Peas) told The Korea Herald that the creation of "My Time" started sometime in 2019, one of several songs that were sent to Big Hit, agency that represents BTS. "The song started musically with me creating a 12-bar piece and Richelle pitched some vocals for it and Printz Board helped organize the instrumental," said producer Sleep Deez, based in Los Angeles, California.

He says he made his own sample with a lot of processing to add texture. Subsequently he and his close friend Gibson wrote the original demo together. One night musical creativity was at its best, after the bridge in the song became a key moment. "When I found out I was approaching the bridge, I called Jayrah. She lives 15 minutes from me," Sleep Deez said.

To understand, the bridge or interlude is a part of a song that falls in the middle of the song, or after the second time the chorus appears towards the beginning of the song.

After calling him, Sleep Deez went by Jayrah to his house and they went to the recording studio, so that the two of them could write the bridge in the first hours, "I bought him coffee, we stayed up all night and we got to the bridge, I would say 90 percent where it needed to be. " Despite finishing the recording, Gibson continued humming and improvisation ended on the track, which can be heard in the last 20 seconds.

Jungkook involved in the creation of "My Time"

Upon completion, the demo for "My Time" was sent to the BTS agency, where RM and Jungkook re-wrote while Pdogg added their twist.

In his solo song, Kookie sings: "finna find my time", ("finna" in the lyrics is short for "fix to" and has a similar meaning to "going to", which producer Sleep Deez says was Jungkook's idea).

Everyone assumed that I wrote it and when I tell them that Jungkook wrote it, nobody believes me, for me, it's about how it sounds, we could have corrected it slightly, but would it have felt the same? I like how it sounds.

In "My Time" Jungkook reflects on the immense fame he has garnered as BTS's Golden Maknae. In the song it says:

Am I living this life well? Why am I alone in a different time and space? Will I ever find my time? I will find my time, someday I will find my time.

"I think I was in yesterday because everyone walks too fast, the young me who grew up before I knew it (like a little boy who lost his way), this has me just stumbling, I feel like I'm wandering … yes to Sometimes I get short of breath, I put on my hat and keep running, yes, I don't have to know where I'm going, even if it's to the opposite side of where the sun is. "

Once for the present, twice for the past, I am happy that we have known each other, now to the end.

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