The Spawn demon joins God of War's Kratos in this stunning illustration

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In June 1992 the first issue of Spawn , starring a character different from the usual, belonging to the infernal progeny. Inspired in part by the work of Dante Alighieri, and partly by Goethe's Faust, it was the young Todd McFarlane who created this fascinating universe that appeared on both Marvel and DC Comics titles.

The Spawn series has always been appreciated, from the earliest issues, and despite a fairly troubled editorial story, today adventures and parallel stories continue to be published, who often see the demon collaborate with major superheroes. McFarlane himself, president of Image Comics, a publisher that publishes Spawn in the United States, admitted that Medieval Spawn will soon return.

The bizarre design of the protagonist has conquered many fans all over the world, and one of them wanted to imagine him joined by another character who could fall into the sphere of anti-heroes, or Kratos from the famous God of War game series, published by Santa Monica Studio.

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In the background there are other demonic beings and snow-capped mountains, surely a reference to the setting of the last God of War, which took us through the frozen lands of Midgard. A perfect combination, where the green eyes and the peculiar coat of Spawn, the Blades of Chaos and the characteristic red tattoos of Kratos are found.

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