The Simpsons, Disney + celebrates the series with the Simpsons Forever campaign

How much family life has changed Simpson since when did the show become part of the endless Disney roster? For better or for worse, one thing is certain: finally finding all the seasons of the Matt Groening-designed show gathered in one place was a great gift for fans of the series.

The presence of The Simpsons in the catalog, on the other hand, was one of the workhorses of Disney+ when it came to introducing the platform to potential new subscribers: the company’s top management are well aware of the importance of Homer and associates, and have therefore decided to celebrate them properly with a new campaign called Simpsons Forever.

Specifically, it is the introduction of some categories in which some of the most loved episodes of the show will be collected: between a The Simpsons Horror, The Simpsons Travels, The Simpsons Prophecies and The Simpsons Sports fans undecided on which episode to watch will have bread for their teeth, especially with theapproaching Halloween and the inevitable desire to watch the much loved horror specials of the series.

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Recently, meanwhile, a big news has been made official: in The Simpsons there will no longer be white voice actors to dub characters of other ethnicities; moreover, in recent months, Google has dedicated an easter egg to a character from The Simpsons.


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