The Signifier: Raw Fury’s sci-fi thriller is coming to PC and consoles

The representatives of the publisher Raw Fury recall the imminent arrival of The Signifier on PC and reiterate their desire to bring this intriguing sci-fi thriller signed by Playmestudio to consoles in the future.

The Signifier’s playful experience throws us into Dreamwalker, a controversial technology developed by the expert in psychology and AI Frederick Russell to probe the unconscious of his patients through a interactive brain scan.

The narrative plot drawn up by the Chilean developers of Plamestudio revolves around the actions carried out by Frederick himself to solve the mystery of the death of the vice president of the largest technology company in this futuristic world.

The gameplay system developed by the South American authors will push the user to shuttle between reality and the disturbing surreal worlds accessible through the Dreamwalker: all the actions we will perform will produce effects in reality, in the objective memories of patients and in their dreams. which, as such, are subjective. The resolution of the puzzles proposed by the title will therefore pass through the understanding of the mysteries of the mind of individual patients, and obviously through the ability of the players to interpret their thoughts through theexploration of dreams and latent memories in their subconscious.

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The release of The Signifier is scheduled for PC (Steam) for the October 15 and later on consoles, presumably PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, perhaps, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.


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