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The shocking before and after Lele Pons (PHOTOS)

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Lele pons It has no complexes in showing its imperfect side and the "arrangements" that have been made to look as shown on its social networks.

The famous youtuber, who has more than 38 million followers on Instagram, shared a photograph in which she shows her face before and after the “production” with many layers of makeup.

In the snapshot, Pons exposes half of his face without makeup and reveals the imperfections he has – just like any person – such as acne spots, freckles and dark circles. While the other half is made up and simulates a smooth, flawless skin.

“Natural vs glam. Which half is better? ”Asked Lele Pons in his post.

In addition to this photograph, the influencer published a photograph of when he was 13 years old, in which it is evident that, to look “perfect”, arrangements were made on the face, the one that stands out the most is the surgery that was done on the nose.

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