The shadow of Scorpio, here are the differences with Stephen King’s book

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised interest exponentially in films and books dealing with apocalyptic scenarios, and the same has happened for The Stand by Stephen King (The shadow of the scorpion in Italian) which is about to become a miniseries scheduled for CBS All Access.

King has already talked about the differences of the show with Covid19, and this time it is the showrunners to announce the main differences that we will see with respect to the book.

Meanwhile, remember that the series is an artificial virus that destroys 99% of the population, and already begins with the characters who find themselves immediately catapulted into a post-apocalyptic scenario, in which they must survive in a world where not everyone is good.

One of the main differences between the book and the TV series of The Stand will concern the narrative chronology. The adaptation of the TV series will be revised with respect to the novel, say the creators, and will not follow the letter to the latter, slightly upsetting the succession of the events of the story.

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Another novelty compared to the work of Stephen King concerns the narration: the stories of the protagonists will be told using an internal point of view, focusing on individual characters, limiting the omniscient vision of the novel, approaching a real-life situation, in which no one is allowed to see what happens beyond what he is experiencing firsthand.

The stories were written by Stephen King, although dealing with nefarious scenarios, always contain an important morality, the ability of the human being to face even the worst situations in which it can be found, compromising with its instincts. The Stand is a story of hope, although it is about loss and pain, beyond that, it is a completely different story from reality.

The first images of The Stand have arrived, which you can take a look at while awaiting further updates on the release date of the miniseries based on the novel “The shadow of the scorpion” by Stephen King.


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