The Seven Deadly Sins: The exceptional work of a blacksmith brings us the Chastiefol spear

With the explosion of the phenomenon of anime and manga, several fans have arrived on the net to expose their projects. Those who throw themselves into classic designs and those who try something more particular, such as the forging of weapons seen during the anime. The That Works blacksmiths decided to try a The Seven Deadly Sins.

I fabbri Matt Stagmer e Ilya Alekseyev hanno recreated the Chastiefol spear, a weapon used by King during The Seven Deadly Sins. The video that you can see above has a duration of sixteen minutes and here we are shown all the steps of the processing that led to this Sacred Treasure of the character becoming real.

Matt and Ilya used so many different techniques for make Chastiefol with H13 steel abrasion resistant and highly resistant, proving once again that the blacksmith work survives and can be very satisfying. Finally, the duo launches into the classic weapon test, and in fact in the final we see the cutting and destruction test of various objects.

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A weapon certainly suitable for the best cosplay, like that of Maurizio Merluzzo who plays Escanor. Meanwhile, the release date of the new season is approaching: here is a key visual of The Seven Deadly Sins: Fundo no Shinpan.


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