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 The second season of Locke & Key already in development

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Promotional image of Netflix's first Locke & Key season

Before the expected premiere of the “Locke & Key” series On Netflix in just two weeks, it has already been revealed that work in a second season has begun. Officially, Netflix has not yet commissioned the second season, but it is usually customary to begin these works before, precisely so that they have something to build on when ordering a second season.

The executive producer of the series, Carlton Cuse, revealed in a new interview that writers have begun to develop the second series of episodes for the series.

We are writing the second season. Although he has not had a green light. We are already working.

"Locke and Key" Follow the Locke family after a tragedy sends them across the country to be installed in their ancestral home, Keyhouse, a mysterious mansion full of magical keys that will open the doors to unimaginable worlds. The comics were launched between 2008 and 2013 with good reception from the public, hence there is some expectation about the series.

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