The Samsung Galaxy S10 receive several functions of the Note 10 in the latest update: Auto Hotspot, including

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As we continue immersed in a sea of ​​rumors about Samsung's next releases (read the Galaxy A51 and, above all, the Galaxy S11), the South Korean company continues its calendar of updates and security patches in current models. A little over a month ago, for example, the Galaxy S10 received support for DeX and several advanced features of the Note 10 cameras.

Now, a new update announced by Samsung has those same protagonists and, once again, leads to the tenth generation of the Galaxy S some advanced features which already offered the last batch of the Galaxy Note. Most of these features are related to connectivity, search and content creation.

Improved connection and experience

Samsung has announced a new software update For the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 + and S10 5G which gives them some of the most powerful features of the Galaxy Note 10. This time, it is about providing a more agile and fluid user experience, and for this, it has added the possibility of finding photos easily in the Gallery refining the search with keywords

It is also possible to locate new songs, movies or TV shows thanks to the improved search for devices, which now includes streaming application content recommendations. In addition, this update brings the incorporation of media and devices in the Quick Settings panel, so that, from the Galaxy S10, you can easily control the multimedia experience in different sources.

With regard to connectivity, the Auto Hotspot function proposes a solution for turn a Galaxy S10 into a WiFi point, so that, after a simple initial setup, it allows the Galaxy S10 to establish a smart automatic access point for other Samsung devices if they share the same Samsung account. In addition, it offers guides and troubleshooting alerts so that the connection is stable and secure.

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All these news join the software update launched in September, which led to the Galaxy S10 several creativity tools present in the Note 10, such as the Super Stabilized mode for video recording, the Night mode on the front camera or the AR Doodle function, which allows give a personal touch to the videos including in them funny drawings without the need of the S Pen.

Also, thanks to the Video Editor function From the Galaxy S10 and the updated Samsung DeX, it is possible to edit and customize the clips both on the phone itself and on a computer (PC or Mac) simply by connecting the device with a USB cable.

As Samsung indicates, you have to keep in mind that the release date of the update may vary by country and operator, so users of a Galaxy S10 will have to be patient to receive it. In addition, it warns that the availability of functions may vary by country.

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