The rollout of Adventure Fellows on Pokémon GO has begun

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In recent days we had talked about the Companions of Adventure feature on Pokèmon GO, a system that revisits the old Pokémon Companion system a bit, which will ensure that the pet will now follow the coach on the screen giving us so many interaction options to get different bonuses.

It seemed that we had to wait for 2020 to see the new function in action, but fortunately it won't be like this: Niantic has indeed started the rollout up Android is iOS starting from the highest level players. In fact right now the update is available for coaches from level 30 upwards, and in the next few hours it should also arrive for all the others.

The new system ensures that players can take advantage of theAR + to make your own appear Pokémon on the screen and feed it, take pictures of it and complete various activities to increase the affection of the creature towards you, which will then give right to various additional bonuses.

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To find out all the additional news brought by the update, however, we will have to wait a few tweet official of Niantic, or at least the Companions of Adventure feature is available for all players.

Meanwhile, Level 5 raids have been updated on Pokémon GO, which are now dedicated to Virizion. Find all the latest news on our site.

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