The rise of Skywalker achieves the lowest collection of the new trilogy on its premiere weekend

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The second parts were never good, but in this case, it was the third part of the new trilogy of Star wars which, for now, carries the worst collection figure on its premiere weekend.

As reported by the ComicBook website, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker you will get on your first weekend of release the figure of 175 million dollars. A quite important figure for any movie and the third best of December releases, but it is still well below the previous ones.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens he achieved a record with 247.9 million dollars while Star Wars: The Last Jedi reached the 220 million. Some figures that suggest the deterioration of the franchise or that part of the fault is the barrage of criticism that this trilogy received after the premiere of the film by Rian Johnson.

The feeling of fatigue from Star Wars related releases overload It causes a feeling of rejection by some fans. Others, however, continue to enjoy all the content that belongs to this universe regardless of the harsh criticism.

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