The record number a collector paid for a ticket to the Chicago Bulls game in which Michael Jordan debuted

The ticket they sold from Michael Jordan's first official game with the Bulls
The ticket they sold from Michael Jordan's first official game with the Bulls

The legendary aura surrounding the figure of Michael Jordan gained more vitality from the publication of the successful documentary The Last Dance that narrates his last season in Chicago Bulls. Almost two decades after his retirement, the myth of sport returned to the center of the scene and a detail –among many others– marks this statement: collectors battle their wallets for career-related memories.

During the last hours, a fan paid $ 24,907.50 plus the buyer's premium to purchase a ticket to the game between the Bulls and the Washington Bullets that took place on October 26, 1984 at the Chicago stadium. What happened that day? Jordan made its official debut With 16 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocked shots in what was his team's victory 109-93 before the watchful eye of 13,913 fans who, although perhaps they could imagine it, were witnessing a historical scene.

The sale that powered the Huggins and Scott auction house – which ended in the early hours of Friday after receiving 62 offers– It became a record for a relic of this type, according to a spokesperson for the selling company, although it was in second place historically.

“Jordan's stuff right now is on the roof of everything. It's crazy ”, specified the owner of the site Tickets From The Past Mark Townsend to the newspaper Chicago Tribune. Man is the leader of a specific page for buying and selling tickets for sporting events like baseball, boxing, football, golf, basketball and other disciplines.

In August 2018, the brand Heritage Auctions, set the record for an NBA ticket: sold a season ticket for $ 33,600 in which Jordan debuted with the Bulls, something that is more difficult than getting a ticket issued by the window for the punctual game of his debut. That is, the sale on the last Friday is record but for a box office ticket.

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What caught the attention in this case of the sale, as explained by the Townsend specialist, is that the ticket was qualified with a "Good 2" on a scale of 10: “That is on the lower scale. Two is just good. It could have folds, maybe a basic hole. It could be a ticket that looks like it's been in the game. "

The truth is that the emission of The Last Dance has fueled interest and skyrocketed prices for memories related to Jordan's sports career, according to Townsend: “I just saw it on ebay its a ticket to their Major League Baseball debut (1994) and they are asking for $ 19,999. On the other they are asking for $ 15,000 ”.

Just a few days ago, the auction house Sotheby’s from New York sold a model of the sneakers Air Jordan 1 that MJ used in the beginning for another record figure: $ 560.00.

Interest in Michael Jordan-related objects skyrocketed after documentary
Interest in Michael Jordan-related objects skyrocketed after documentary

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