The public war between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel broke out: “He is disappointed not to continue with Ferrari in 2021”

Mattia Binotto and Vettel had cross statements after the Spanish GP
Mattia Binotto and Vettel had cross statements after the Spanish GP

The Spanish GP left a new episode in the most media novel of Formula 1 in which Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel are the main protagonists. After the announcement of the German's departure from the Italian team, there were different types of controversies, until this weekend, both parties came out to speak publicly.

After getting seventh position at the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya, in another race to be forgotten in which Charles Leclerc was the only driver to drop out, the four-time world champion with Red Bull came out to speak at the press conference.

"My opinion is no longer important. Apart from everything, the car is what it is, We are trying to do our best, it is a difficult season for all of us, ”the 33-year-old rider shot.

Sebastian Vettel finished seventh in the Spanish GP - REUTERS / Albert Gea
Sebastian Vettel finished seventh in the Spanish GP – REUTERS / Albert Gea

These statements, with which Vettel was critical of the operation of the SF1000 car, made the Executive Director of Prancing Horse come out to answer him.

"This (his statements) are in line with his disappointment at not being part of Ferrari in 2021. He will no longer give advice for the future, "said Mattia Binotto in dialogue with Sky Italia And to try to calm the waters he added: “He is working hard, relations are good and the weekend was decent. His career was good, he took a step forward and at Spa he should be in a better mood ”.

At the same time, the Swiss-Italian manager took up the post and made reference to the questioned car: "We have not abandoned it, we are working on several fronts and also in 2021, we will bring something at the level of updates, but not in the next races. We will carry a smaller load for Belgium and Monza that we have developed especially for these circuits and then we will work on other developments also for next year ”.

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The German talked about his car - REUTERS / Bryn Lennon
The German talked about his car – REUTERS / Bryn Lennon

During the race that took place in Barcelona and in which Hamilton dominated from start to finish, the Italian team and its controversial driver returned to star in a difference of opinion through the radio product of the strategy that was used.

Sebastian Vettel and Ricardo Adami, career engineer, discussed after the driver was asked to continue running on the soft tires, forcing the German to make only one pit stop. Finally, after managing the wear of the tires well, he was able to comply with the request and finish seventh from eleventh position.

"For us, these are dialogues that lead us to make the right decisions", Binotto considered about the exchange of words between the two by radio. “We prefer to speak openly. The others don't, probably because they don't want to reveal their intentions. I think it's the right thing to do even though we ask questions on both sides, ”he commented.

“I think the important thing is that we decided to take risks. There wasn't much to lose. Communication is normal. I think it is difficult to judge because on television it is difficult to have a complete picture of everything because the director does not select all the radios ", explained Vettel for his part to


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