The public can love it or hate it, it’s not up to us

After seven seasons, it officially ended The 100, between illustrious deaths in the final episode and fake leaks shared by fans. Jason Rothenberg, the show’s creator, spoke to about the series ending. As always, we invite you to stop reading so as not to incur unpleasant spoilers.

According to what he said, Jason Rothenberg he faced the ending of The 100 with a certain detachment. “I finished working on the show months ago” he said. “I finished shooting in March, and post-production in June. I’ve been working on other things since then. […] I’m enthusiastic for fans to see the ending, but once it’s finished and released it is no longer ours. It’s theirs, and it’s up to them to interpret it however they want, love it or hate it. I I can not do anything about it.”

There is however a sense of closing a circle, well represented by Clarke’s last shot, which perfectly overlaps her very first one. “It’s thanks to our editor, Jeff Granzow. When I first saw the montage I thought: Holy shit … he left me breathless.”

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As for the characters, despite the large cast The 100 it mostly focuses on Clarke, Octavia and Raven. “We didn’t have enough time” Rothenberg acknowledges. “Unfortunately, the episodes last 42 minutes. For the latter we got an extra minute, 43, but we couldn’t do much else. “

Speaking of the ending of the story arc of BellamyFinally, the creator of the series has proudly claimed: “We have never avoided telling a story based on possible reaction from the fans. “


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